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At Anne Flowers, we embrace the spirit of corporate responsibility to society.  We are deeply committed to care for the environment, our community and our people

certification &Social Responsibility

At Anne Flowers, we value our employees and our community and are dedicated to their well-being.  Fair wages, healthcare, education and diversity are some of the key ingredients for creating a happy and dedicated work force. 

  • Compliance of all Ecuadorian labor laws and regulations, fair wages and overtime pay

  • In house doctor and medical facilities

  • Free Vaccination program for all employee

  • In-house social worker 

  • Safe Transportation to and from work

  • Meals served daily at our dining facilities at no cost

  • Supporting local nurseries for employee's children.

  • All necessary and proper industrial gear and protective equipment 

  • Special care, stability and working conditions for pregnant women and workers with specials needs

  • Constant training for all areas and departments

  • Preventive Seminars in different subjects such as Domestic, Violence, Child Abuse, Correct Nutrition, Safety in the work place,  Recycling, others. 

  • Minimum percentage of Jobs for handicapped people in our community.  


Employees and Comunity



As an agricultural farm, the environment plays a key role in our success in time, and as such, we strive to take all the possible measures to take care of it and reduce the impact on it. 

Sustainability can only be reached by the implementation of good agricultural practices, technology and innovation.


Some of our practices include these among others: 

  • Implementing Biological control for pests and diseases

  • Using only "Green Label" fertilizers and chemicals

  • Recycling all plastic and paper containers and materials properly 

  • Production of organic compost to replace chemical soil fertilizers

  • Construction of a water treatment plant to properly handle waste materials and liquids, and re-using water for our crops

  • Planting trees and endemic species around the farm, allowing for proper reforestation and avoiding erosion. 

The Environment


For our efforts in the sustainable production of fresh cut roses, care for our people, our community and the environment, we have been granted the FlorEcuador Certification guaranteeing that our roses are not only fabulous but also produced responsibly

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